The Broome Hut


The Broome Hut

Owned and operated by the Grand Huts Association, the Broome Hut replaced an antiquated cabin in the Second Creek Basin on the west side of Berthoud Pass, Colorado.  Layout and capacity: 2 bunk rooms with 6 beds each and 2 private rooms each of which sleeps 2 - capacity 16.

The Broome Hut has some unique amenities which include a pellet stove instead of a wood-burning heat stove. It is very easy to operate and has clear instructions posted at the hut.(pellets provided) The hut has indoor composting toilets similar to Janet's Cabin and Francie's Cabin. There is also a day-use room at the hut but it is totally separated from the overnight area and they share no amenities. Because of the popularity of the area for day-use you may encounter dogs along the trail and around the hut.

Dogs are absolutely NOT allowed anywhere inside the Broome Hut, violators subject to $500 fine.  No candles are allowed as well.


The Broome Hut on Berthoud Pass is open for reservations!

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  • Lodging: Sleeping rooms have bunks and platform beds and mattresses. Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow . Sleeps 16.
  • Public, day use room and restroom. Open 9:00 am until 1 hour before sunset. It serves as Volunteer Hut Master overnight quarters.
  • Kitchen: Common area with room for food preparation, 2 propane stove top,  2 sinks.
  • Kitchen Accessories: Cookware, French Press coffee maker, serving utensils, plates, cups etc.
  • Heat: No wood stove here! The last of the standing dead trees in this valley are needed for creature homes. Excellent solar exposure is available on the lee side of the building. Back-up heat and ambiance comes from efficient pellet stoves.
  • Waste: Pack it in, pack it out. Please pack out all of your trash and do not leave any food items.
  • Toilet: Human waste will be turned to soil in a composting toilet especially designed for cold-climate use.
  • Water: Rain water fed cistern system or snow melt. All water is non-potable, so bring a filter.
  • Accessibility: The Broome Hut is a single story, fully accessible structure.
  • Hut Location Elevation: 11,350 feet.
  • Average Snowfall per Year: 500 inches


Where is The Broome hut located?

The Broome hut is located at the top of a steep climb at 11,350' just a mile and half west of Berthoud Pass. The trail head is located at mile marker 240 on the west side of Berthoud Pass.     In winter, keep a good snow shovel in your car, parking ingress and egress can be challenge.

How far from the trail head?

1 mile and 800 ft elevation gain, up a beautiful, sub-alpine trail. Winter storms can make trail finding difficult. Plan accordingly.

Can you drive or snowmobile to the Hut?

No, it is a non-motorized area.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed at the Broome Hut. We work with the Forest Service to discourage dog use in this over-used basin, and the cabin is adjacent to the Vasquez Wilderness where dogs must be on a leash. If your furry friends joins you for the hike, please do not allow them to harass wildlife.

Why is it so big?

(1,800 sq.ft.) 1/4 of the hut is open for day use by the general public for using the composting toilets and shelter. The remaining 3/4 can be rented for a multitude of events: outdoor education, retreats, gatherings, individual use, reunions, recreation. This side sleeps 16. Research shows that fewer beds are not self-sustaining and GHA works to mitigate the existing public impact in the cabin’s “neighborhood.”

Where can I get more information or sign up to Volunteer?

Complete the Volunteer Interest form on this website.

How much does it cost?

Per-person rate is $50 per night.Two children 12 and under are half price.  Discounts are available for school and youth groups.

When can we book it?

You can book it Now!

Where can I book it?

Book Your Reservation Now!



The new name for this hut was derived from a very generous donor, the Broome Family. The Broome's have a historical and continuing interest in Middle Park and have donated significantly to non-profits in the valley. GHA is honored to be in the list of recipients. They decided to contribute a "Name the Hut" donation. This feature is available for future huts, along with other naming possibilities, so if there is interest in this, please see our FUNDRAISING section.



It started with the A-frame at Second Creek.....The Second Creek Hut, in the Second Creek Basin on the west side of Berthoud Pass, is one of the finest high altitude skiing and hiking locales in Colorado. Ease of access and relative safety from avalanches make for excellent backcountry recreation opportunities.

Also known as the "Gwen Andrews Hut" and "The A-Frame," the Second Creek Cabin had been used by the public for 50 plus years. The original cabin was built in the 1940s by strong, determined students from the Colorado Academy. By the mid 1980s, it had fallen into disrepair and slated for demolition by the USFS. While on a hike, Gudy Gaskill (the driving force behind the Colorado Trail) saw the A-Frame was poised for demolition. She was able to obtain a permit and, with a lot of volunteer help, resurrect the a-frame. She maintained it for 13 years.  Many people have deep connections and fond memories of their trips to the Second Creek A-Frame.

The Arapaho Forest Master Plan recognized the hut and the recreation use it serves. However, concerns about management and safety forced the U.S. Forest Service to close the hut to public use. In order to ensure continuing use of this amenity, GHA formed the group and made this their first project. The structure had to be replaced, and an organized management plan had be developed. Click here to read the Press Release about the hut opening from early 2013!