Educational Programs & Alpine Knowledge

Education for All

The Grand Huts Association offers a year round venue for environmental programs for back-country visitors of all ages. We seek programs that foster appreciation for the rich diversity and natural heritage associated with sub-alpine ecosystems, promote low-impact back-country recreation, and encourage awareness of inherent dangers associated with back-country use. GHA has worked with the Colorado Mountain School and Colorado Adventure Guides for providing Avalanche Education courses.

A High Alpine Classroom

Teachers can use the huts as a back-country classroom. The Broome Hut exists in a heavily used basin for recreational uses and water diversion to the front range, it is a good tool for learning about the environment and the impact humans have on it. From biology to social studies, to green building practices and sustainability, there is great potential for using huts as a hands-on learning tool.

Contact us at 970.726.8096 or email to explore the possibilities, or rent the hut to present your own backcountry workshop.

(Guide and special use restrictions may apply).

Alpine Knowledge

Here are links to information about the adventures, impacts and possible hazards inherent in back-country recreation.

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