Volunteer for The Grand Huts Association

Volunteer Hours Needed

We always need volunteers to help GHA work on the hut system and to care for the Broome Hut. If you can pledge some volunteer hours for hut maintenance, to help build a future hut, or work on the hut trail system, please fill out and submit our volunteer interest form below.

For every 8 hours served, you will receive credit for one free night in the Broome Hut ( Friday & Saturday peak seasons excluded). If you love it up there, and need an excuse to go up, you could become a GHA Hut Master. They help with critical maintenance and can utilize the volunteer quarters to help manage the cabin. Thanks!!

To learn more about our Hut Master Program, please click here.

Participant Release Form

All Broome hut volunteers and guests need to complete the participant release form. Email the completed form to info@grandhuts.org or send it via snail mail to PO Box 1046 Fraser, CO 80442.

Volunteer Interest Form

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