Supporters and Contributors

Grand Huts Association would like to express our gratitude for all the support we have received over the years. Some, but not all, of the individuals, businesses, and organizations who have supported GHA are listed below.



  • Roger & Michele Hedlund
  • Winter Park / Fraser Valley Rotary
  • Bennett & Judy Bertoli
  • Rendezvous Foundation
  • Grand County
  • Graham & Louise Powers

And many more donors and volunteers to be added soon!


  • The Broome Family
  • David and Traci Maddox
  • Regina Bock
  • Carolyn and Tom Browning
  • Charlotte Clarke
  • Hugh Auchincloss
  • The Cooke Family
  • Roger and Michelle Hedlund
  • Gerry Moore
  • The Sadler Family
  • Christina Seldonridge
  • Jeanne Aberg-Maes
  • The Agnew/Falzitto Family
  • The Baum Family
  • Kurt Gerstle
  • The Miller Family
  • Kathe Morck
  • Brian Beitner

In Memory of Bill Loeffler:

  • Bill and Bonnie Hiner
  • Micaela DuMay
  • William and Ann Caffrey
  • Fred and Pauline Roberts
  • Lloyd and Dorothea Craft
  • Drucie Haddock
  • R. Kent Erickson
  • Wendy E. Erb
  • Sandi Miller
  • James and Mindy Mandel
  • Allen and Suzanne Peterson
  • Diane Dickinson
  • Don and Char St. John
  • Pamela Kennedy
  • Barbara J. Krichbaum
  • Cynthia Lopez Haynes

In-Kind Contributions:

This section is under construction and will be available soon.