The Future of Grand County Huts

GHA’s Goals

Grand Huts Association’s goal is to create an Eco-friendly Hut System in Grand County, Colorado that will preserve the environment while sustaining activities in the back country. GHA will work to open to public use cabins already in existence on public and private lands and to build new structures, where appropriate, to assist in managing intense use of fragile ecosystems.

A System of Eco-Friendly Huts

Providing For The Future Of Grand County Huts

The proposed hut system will eventually go from Berthoud Pass all the way to Grand Lake. This consists of nine huts total and includes four existing huts – Second Creek Hut, First Creek Hut, High Lonesome Hut, and Twin Creek Hut – and five newly proposed huts. The Second Creek Hut was structurally unfit and was replaced by the Broome Hut. The system is in the planning stages only. As new and existing huts are opened, we will be updating the website, so stay tuned for more information.

The Trail System

More information coming soon.